Pick Your Number of Plays

Each playslip has five Play Areas (A–E) with boxes numbered 1–38. You can play a single set of numbers (A) or up to five sets (A–E), with each play costing $1.00.

Pick Your Numbers

Choose any five numbers 1–38 in each Play Area, or mark the Quick Pick (QP) box on your playslip to let the computer choose for you.

Play Multiple Drawings

Mark the appropriate Multi-Draw box to play your chosen numbers for up to 7 consecutive drawings (including the current drawing)

Add Quick Cash

For an additional $1.00 per play, add Quick Cash to your playslip.  See below for details on how you could win instantly by adding this feature.

Buy Your Ticket

Check your playslip carefully to make sure you have correctly marked each selection before presenting it to a Tennessee Lottery retailer.
DAILY TENNESSEE JACKPOT tickets cannot be canceled!

Check Your Winnings

There are many ways to find out if your ticket is a winner. The quickest and easiest way is to scan your ticket or check the winning numbers using the TN Lottery App.


Play for a Chance to Win Now and Later!

When you add Quick Cash to your Daily Tennessee Jackpot ticket, you don’t have to wait for the drawing to be a winner! Quick Cash is an instant-win game that you can add to your drawing game for another way to win when you purchase your Daily Tennessee Jackpot ticket. As soon as the ticket is printed, check your Quick Cash numbers to see if you’ve won!

How do you win? If any of the Quick Cash numbers printed on your ticket match any of the Daily Tennessee Jackpot numbers printed on the ticket, you instantly win the prize amount shown next to the matching Quick Cash number, up to $500! And your ticket still has a chance to be a winner during the Daily Tennessee Jackpot drawing! It’s just that easy!

Adding Quick Cash to your ticket is an additional $1.00 per play, totaling $2.00 per play.

The Quick Cash instant win applies only one time to multi-draw tickets.

Winning Quick Cash is not based on any Daily Tennessee Jackpot drawing results or numbers drawn. Quick Cash is a separate instant-win game feature based only on the Daily Tennessee Jackpot numbers printed on your Daily Tennessee Jackpot ticket.

Prize Chart

Overall odds of winning a prize are 1 : 8.36
* The jackpot prize will be divided equally among all winning jackpot prize plays.

Numbers Matched Prize Amount Odds of Winning
Jackpot* 1 : 501,942
4 of 5
$100 1 : 3,042
3 of 5
$5 1 : 95
2 of 5
$1 1 : 9


Do not use red ink.
Sign the back of your ticket so no one but you can claim the prize. The playslip is not valid proof of a ticket purchase or numbers selected. You are responsible for the accuracy of your ticket.